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Victory for the Women's Team in their first season!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

A fabulous win has finished the season off in style for the Holmes Chapel Women's Team; a strong performance in their first season and we are all very excited to see what they can do next season!

Formed in September 2021 under the guidance of FA-qualified coaches Ian Wilkes, Will Biggs and Adam Withnell, the Women's Team played their inaugural season in the Inspire League in the 'Spring Cup 6x6 She'.

Their first match as a team was in February! Then from March the Inspire League was split in two they were up against four other teams (Nantwich, Higher Bebbington, Marple and Upton)

The squad of 15 came 3rd in their league and challenged for the Plate against Bebbington. The Hurricanes proved too strong for the opposition and won the match 1-0!

Captain Emma Roberts sums up what a great victory it was, "My initial reason for joining this team was to improve my fitness. But this team is so much more now, I’ve met a group of life long friends and have enjoyed every week of training and seeing the improvement of the squad. I’m so proud to be part of this team and so proud of how far we’ve come. It was a great feeling winning the cup as it really reflected the hard work and effort that the team has put in over the last months. It’s a real privilege to be captain for this amazing group and I can’t wait to continue. Bring on next season, I’m excited for lots more training, further improvement and more cups!"

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